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Starting in June 2011  and continuing through November 2011 satirist/writer Ray Jadwick posted daily on his Ray Jadwick’s Utica site. A collection of all 125 of these daily postings is currently being published as a limited edition book. From November 2011 through December 2012, Jadwick added to the blog only periodically, minus any writing and focusing exclusively on imagery.  Jadwick is currently developing his site, where he will once again return to writing, using photoshopped images to accompany the postings. Geared towards a national audience, Ray Jadwick’s USA is scheduled to be up before the end of 2013. In the meantime, Jadwick can be contacted at:

  1. Frankster permalink

    Poor Bobby Cardillo. I’m sure you’re the last person he wanted to see surfacing at this point in his “career.”

  2. 40/28/36 permalink

    Give me an email before your first “round” tomorrow. I promise you’ll be going home a very happy man!

  3. Timo3 permalink

    It’s great to see you back at it, Lizard. This Jameson’s for you!!!

  4. You are a lil beotch fucking loser. Let’s meet in person so I can stomp your lil fucking face!

  5. Stimey permalink

    Next time you leave town- Stay Gone! Fuck you RJ

  6. mike hartman permalink

    Ray Ray
    Man, you sure know how to generate some negative comments. Do any of these “pole smokers” even know what satire is ? I’ll be in town at the end of the month and I’m a look you up and and have you buy me a drink . See ya soon.

    ( Jody’s Father )

  7. Absolute Genius! I’ve missed you, Ray!

  8. Richie Venice permalink

    Hey Ray!
    Oscar wants to know if you’ve tossed any couches out a window lately!
    Ps mark died last year

  9. BoB White permalink

    Can you give us another Judge Romano Clark photo, I miss her so much

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